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Saturday, September 5, 2009 @1:04 AM

Look at that very very smart guy who destroyed our lovely picture. Gonna sue that fella la. My god, dahla so brave to smile and pose with us in the picture. Anyways,. hahaha. Sze Mei, my ex neighbour with my pretty face painted sis . Waaa. Look at me weih damn patriotik

Haha, syika and I went up to the block to rondaaa, and we curi-curi managed to take a picture of us.
haha. she was like damn proud of herself cause she thinks she decorated the classroom damn nice. HAhahaha. Actually it's just "like that only la " PFfsh. HAHAAHA. Nah. jokes.
It's just really fun to hang out with her laa. She calls me cacat cause my eyes are unnsymmetrical and I call her sepet cause her eyes can hardly be seen. : D

perfect team hahaha.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 @5:19 AM

Hey Loves!

Just wanted to inform you guys that I've created a new blogg.

So, Stop by anytime to check it out ;)


Monday, January 5, 2009 @8:08 AM


Monday, December 29, 2008 @5:58 AM

Holly days'

Oh. It's been two busy months of having fun and sharing moments together.

Why I stopped blogging for awhile? It's because I didnt touch the computer much. I hate wasting my fun inside while outdoors are so much more lovely- with the right company, that is.

Anyways/ I've lately been into the oldies'. Anyone heard of uptown girl?
oh oh. also. the script is a huge band right now.
what i've really been into is 'the killers' which really rock my socks :)
Yeeeaaaah, baby.

Hmm. I really miss my gay partner. Wish she was with me right now.

"Ehh chicken, forget about me already ahhh?! Chicken I miss u sooo much!"
"OHMAGODD DONKAYYYY! I wanna cry alrd! I missesss yooooooouh!"
"yeah right.. You didnt even call me, evryday also go out go out. cant even keep ur ass for one day at home.Now you say you miss me.."
"NONONOOOOOO. I miss youuuuuuuuuuu. See. I'm crying already. *Pretend to sobs*
"Hahaha. how many pails u used up laaah?"
"YEAHLAA. TO keep ur tears"

Donkey. as if I'll ever cry that much for you. haahaha. I love to listen to her voice. every single time i'm on the line with her i'll laugh fr so freaking long.
if i told you the jokes she makes, i swear everyone would love her'
AWESOMEEE womann. hahaha

Ystd I went to ou with terry-oh-san. he's going to hk. n to new zealand. and to aussie.
watched yesman. Ohh ohh. great movie. the plot was very simple and yet the whole movie made me laugh my ass off. took lots of pictures but- you know me :)

Monday, November 17, 2008 @3:20 AM

Monday i went out to ou with ellis and her friends. met up with alisa again. :)
Tuesday I had school.
Wednesday i went to ou again. with my sweetie :)
Thursday I pak toh with Bridget and the skinny chicken.

Friday Patrick kor called me at 7.30 am =.= Dude, who wakes up that early? they waited for me at school until 8.30 am. Salvin, ben, patrick and cat. Lepak lepak and went mamak. kidnap them back to my house and played ps2. everyone asking 'Sandy, why all ur friends guys wan?" =.= and i mean everyone.

Saturday i went to cut my hair. it so freaking short. Oh well. And then I had family reunion. suppose to go for both of my friend's party, went for one, and it pissed me off.
Sunday I went out with my dad, the whole day at temple, me and my dad made darn lame ass jokes. I really had fun bonding with daddy. :) I love him.
Monday i went out with my mom, here and there, makan makan non stop.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 @5:17 AM

its funny how it's human nature to crave for things we don't have. don't you realise it? when people say they wanna be 'YOU'. Or they wanna have your 'skin colour, your smile, your hair, you're personality.

Whereas we ourselves aren't happy with our own, and isn't it depressing to keep on wishing to have something you wont, ever have?

Anyways. my point. although i'm a pessimist, i deserve to be happy with myself, right?

It sucks when people mistaken me for a malay, and yet its funny to look at their faces. they'll be scrunching up their noses and ask 'Ni se hua ren ah? ' or in another way 'ma lai ren',
Who else got it the same way? My cuzzie, Heidy.

She's exactly like me, retarded. Just yst, we were talking bout how we're gonna grow old and no one would love us cause we're a little out of our mind. :) hehe. aw. i love her so much. we're the awesome quahs.

at least i know im not the only one.

anyways. on sunday i went out with vicky
n navjit with her family. watched hsm 3. it was not bad. cause i honestly did nt like hsm 1 & 2.
we took lots of pictures and crapped a lot during the movie. suddenly i'll start laughin for no reason, n they'll start laughing. some people would turn around and look at us.

There was one commercial where a fat girl was like "AKu bukan perempuan la bodoh, aku jantan lah!"

Then my friends said "OMGGGG, sandy! you're on tv weiyhh!" both of them started laughing at me. and i played along and said "That's me!' :)

I had fun.

On monday i went ou with ellis and her friends. hehe. it was alright. met up with a alisa and a few of them i;ve met before. very vry friendly people :)

well./ i've gotta go watch my eyelashes grow. buhbye lovelies.

Sunday, November 9, 2008 @7:21 PM

Saturday. i went to Navjit's apartment in menjalara. right outside was a swimming pool so we took gay pics. as u can see, they keep on hugging me so tightly,( i secretly think they're gay) Hahahaha. anyways. it was great. Except for the part those workers were staring at us. Lol. you know what i did? I showed them.. THA MIDDLE FINGERRRR. those assholes. probably staring at my gay partner, Hahahahaha. navjit's mom made damn good curry. Wow. i love their food. it rocks.

At 4, i went back home, quickly changed and get ready. meryl came to pick me up and we headed for ellis's barbeque party. Hanged out. And did our nails, They keep on commenting "Aiyooo Sandy, why sooooo messsy?"


meryl cooked for me the chicken. it was only half cooked =.= all of our chickens sucked. and then she said 'Aiyo, we are very bad cooks' How to cook for our husband's next time? ' LOL. freaks. we shared food n they kept on feeding me. God, i wanted to vomit alrdy.

ellis had her friend over, alisha. she's soooooo pretty! haha.

then we talked and played guitar hero. meryl and i kept on competing with each other. we all love the song 'suck my kiss- by red hot chilli peppers.

and then a guy, who's meryl's friend, offered us sparkling juice, oooooohmygooodd. so nice. :)

wanted to sleepover but meryl had to go back, awww.

Anyways. i had a great time. with both the lamest people in the world :)

Friday, November 7, 2008 @7:33 PM

i'm totally stuck on The killers and low millions right now, AHHHHH. its sad how they're infamous compared to the latest hits now. their voices are so freakin hot.

i'm going swimming today. and then straight to ellis's gathering. i'm gonna eat like a pig today. i dont care i dont care! :)

Well. guess i gotta go eat my refrigerator.
lol. aaaah. i ate navjit's one already. it tastes slightly sour, :( it's very old and moldy/ we broke her ceilings and peep on her neighbours. Hmmm. what else?

I'm gonna killllll her.

@6:06 AM

went out with the guys today. bryan kwok's house, n played ps2, naruto. won patrick. WOHOOO. that was the best lah, they were pulling my hair n messing up my face, n yet i still won. ;)
pffsh, they suck :P

me n brenda was the only girls again. yet my mouth cant stop..talking.
So, yeah, ben ben, patrick, mun chun, redza, bryan, salvin, nick kee, chen shen, sun oon and the rest of the idiots were there lah.

went back n headed to bryan teh tarik's house. threw rocks n did lotsa stupid stuff.
chee siong said he loves me. yeay :)
okay. im gay.


Sunday, October 26, 2008 @11:36 PM

Are you gonna be my girl- JET

I said a-1, 2, 3
Take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine
That I really wanna make you mine

I said, you look so fine
That I really wanna make you mine

4, 5, 6
C'mon and get your kicks
Now you don’t need the money
when u look like that, do ya hunny

Big black boots
Long brown hair
She’s so sweet
With her get-back stare

Well I could see
You home with me
But you were with another man, yeah
I know we ain't got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah

I said, are you gonna be my girl

Well a-1, 2, 3
Take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine
That I really wanna make you mine

I said, you look so fine
That I really wanna make you mine

4, 5, 6
C'mon and get your kicks
Now you don’t need the money
With a face like that, do ya

Big black boots
Long brown hair
She’s so sweet
With her get-back stare

Well, I could see
You home with me
But you were with another man, yeah
I know we ain't got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah

I said, are you gonna be my girl

Oh yeah
Oh yeah

I could see
You home with me
But you were with another man, yeah
I know we ain't got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah
Be my girl
Be my girl
Are you gonna be my girl?

@1:19 AM

I'm two quarters and a heart down'
and i dont wanna forget how your voice sounds.

Yesterday i went out to OU, with bryan teh tarik and kawanku, suraj.
It was chee siong's bday, and we shared money to get him a very very very extremely nice lookin' water bottle, lol.

Chee siong invited two girls who nvr bothered to socialise. so he pointed at them and said, "Aiyoooo sandyy! you see, they wear so sexy, you don't bother to dress up" Cause I came with baggy pants, a white singlet and a jacket on top. then he pulled my jacket down purposely.
He's sooooooooooo cute laah! hahaha.

So bryan and 'I walked alone to find a present, then we headed to so many freaking shops, made lots of lame ass jokes and crapped.

Met up with suraj and we walked to burger king, sat down, blabla. laugh for no reason.

we watched 'eagle eye' and in the cinema, we were fooling around and stuff, sat between suraj and bryan. and it was FREAKING cold.
after that,we went to play pool, the rest went to bowl. played with the bowling balls. my usual one is 12.8, round it up it'll be 13. so the guys found it hard to carry (heehee, dont underestimate girls) and then we kicked each other n did lotsa stupid stuff just to entertain ourselves.

when suraj had to go back, we walked him all the way out, and I mean ALL THE way.
after tht, we continued havin fun at the mall. i practically spent the whole day there with the two monkeys. :P

went to bryan's house and dad picked me up from there, went out fr dinner and pasar malam.

UGH. came back home and felt like a zombie.


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