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Thursday, January 31, 2008 @6:08 AM

Merentas desa

was really fun!

The marathon was quite short, actually, around 3.5 km only, and I felt that this year was wayyyy shorter than last year. Haha, maybe because my stamina improved? or maybe it was just my mind.

Guess what number I got? nyehheheheheheh! I got number 5! Well, I'm satisfied because the top 4 are unbeatable! and that I was competing with people older than me too. The medal's looks pretty ugly, but,.. it's my pride that counts. hoho.

The other two was the medals I recieved from Puan Lono for bowling :D

Seniors life

Is pretty fun, but kind of weird, because I can just remember yesterday when I joined probations. The probations this year, although it is the second day and I have no right to judge them..

Yes, it is fun at times, but prefects are not as easy as you think. EVERyone agrees to that.

My friends? One of my bestie is rather stressed, the most is obviously, Joey.

The shopping-reunion-trip

it was fun fun fun! We had so much fun camwhoring, and drinking starbucks, and hanging out together!

WE went to lalaland again... To take pictures, and Ellis was with us, telling us how's her new school, even now and then i miss her presence, it never fades away.. :(

I hate uploading pictures... but my friends are hating me for not doing it. =_=

We ate at NyoNya Colours. Have anyone heard of it? It's nice and we're recommending this place to you in OU, it's delicious and very Nyo nya.

Haha. I LOOOOVE the Ice kacang.

Ellis is so cute as ever. We took lots of retarded pictures,... and my friend had to post it up all in her blog.. =_= Great...it's exposed.

Soo.. then we played truth or dare again, at Starbucks, and I shared a drink with JOEY! MMMMMMmmm. Yummy!.

My gang

since ellis just left the school, things sometimes get a little boring without her, especially to poor ruth, because she used to spend most of the time hanging out with ellis.

It feels like this year we've grown more apart, but some times we take the oppurtunity to stick back some pieces so we wont fall apart.

Like during rumah kuning practise, that's the time when I can hang out with Joey. And during school time or class, me ,Brenda and Rissara would talk. Same goes to Ruth! :)

I think it's just the starting of the year, everyone feel's stressed, just give it some time, and everything would heal, especially for my bestfriend, she's having a hard time.

My family

It's fun hanging out with them, though ever since school started, we reduce less time to go mamak, now, it's like two times a week! HAHAHHAHAHA. And I have a bad feeling I'm gonna put on some weight. :O

Me and my dad normally go out for breakfast together, but sometimes he force me out of bed to go and eat with him. =_=


Apparently they haven't recieved any news from the MSSMKL people for bowling. I am SOO UPSET, because I want to register early, My other bowling friends have already recieved the entries so I am afraid they forgot about my school. :(

I am so afraid. What if I don't get to join? What if i Miss the oppurtunity to actually JOIN?!/!? I will hate myself to life, It's the big moment I'm waiting for, and if I lose, I will throw it all away.. Sobs.


It's okay for me, just lots of homework to do. I think I will die when I reach form 3 or 4 or 5, OMg. i can't handle the stress now, especially when my schedule is ALL PACKED. only on tuesday nights when I'm free. OH GOD this sucks a lot. And I want to join art class, no more time! no more timeee! AIYOOOO. @_@

Friday, January 4, 2008 @8:51 AM

opps. looks like i forgot to update my blog for a long long time.

I have not been active in posting up any recent updates about me and I have officially stopped using friendster. Nahh, I just don't have the liking to it anymore.

I have a bowling tournament tomorrow and yet i am not sleeping at this time. I WANT to join the selangor league, but I don't wanna get my hopes to high. SHEESH. Damn sad when you TAK BOLEH MASUK.

It's kinda fun at school, I made new friends, but obviously, it was a little boring there cause some of the classmates were new. There were cliques and all. damn.

Joey was busy with prefects, I can see. Brenda, me and Sara was just happily talking in the corner. I always have to helpppp teacher, curse my habit of volunteering* Actually, my friend pulled me along, and I couldn't refuse, GAHH.. At least got exercise lah.

Cher yen wanted to do this dance thing for teacher's day or some other event thing, Well, honestly, I couldn't keep my cool, I love watching those people performing and dancing and all, so she asked me if I wanted to join... well, you obviously know what happen later.

I miss her gang, since they're in different class now, but now there are more competition, and I LOVEEEE competitions, even if I don't win, HAHHAHAAHA

Well, that settles the classroom, the form 1's look very very innocent. FOR THE FIRSt DAYYy. OMg, I wonder who will polute their innocent minds. x) x)

Life is very easy at the beginning, but I would die if I did not have any of my best buddies in my classroom. Thank god they exist! :D

Well, about my religion, I am a buddhist, I am very happy about my religion and in fact and I'm sorry to say this, but I just get a little frustrated in my mind when other people say things, that aren't TEPAT about their religion, I mean, When I try to explain how our religion really works, they cut me off everytime. I hate it. I hate it. and I truly HATE it.
I mean, I'm not A VERY strong buddhist..but.... :(

And I know Joey's gonna read this cause she reads my blog everytime I post something new ( I dont know why she loves reading my blog so much) and I hope she doesn't get mad because when I say people, I mean my gang...

Well, as for my gang..

My gang and I was talking and talking the whole day. The teachers in the class were soooo boring! they can win the award for being MR BABBLEAND MRS babbLe. OMG ManN. shut up.

I heard of a very very damn funny news, especially for Ellis, OH GODD. it's so funny, I think If anyone knew about this, they would pee in their pants.


Sadly, I didn't grow but I still have my two short buddies with me, MWahhahaa. Joey and brenda. NYAnyanyanYa.

Sooo, at least I have company lah.

Did you know if you tease some one they're fat, next time YOU yourself will be fat? Well, that happen to me and my sisters. You see, I was a cute little chubby fatty last time and then EVERYONE made fun of me. HAH! and then I grew skinnier in std 12 and then no one dared to make fun of me! HAHAHhAHaa. LOOK Who's the fatty now!

And then after that, I made fun of my sisters, and I said their thighs are big and all. There goes my skinny limbs, ahhahahah! Look how fat I am now. LOL.

When I came back from bowling today, Stef's friend was there in her bedroom, So i was climbing up the stairs and dancing "G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS!"singing off tune with a very CACAT voice. I froze there and closed my face in fear, how embarressing! So Shu Qing said "hi sandy" and I said HI! with a very squeaky tune in my voice. hahaha. so embarressing lahhhh!.

That's it for today, LOVES!


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