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Saturday, August 30, 2008 @10:21 AM

Just got a few inspiration.

@8:04 AM

I wish I could tell you.
But I'm just too afraid.

Friday, August 29, 2008 @7:53 AM

Navjit and I were playing at the computer lab, so embarrassing, at one part, I held her face and we pretended to kiss and then the teacher caught us, And we were like,.. Oh shit,
I don't knw why we do stupid things,

I gave her my feet and asked her to massage, istead, she did something very horrid..
FREAK! Tsk tsk.

My school celebrated Merdeka today, and I scream my head off while I slapped my friends with the flag, how disrespectful, I knw, But someone like me dn't really care.

Ris and I were in class, and we talked and talked, funny how she calls me an idiot every five minutes. She's such a dear, only at times. :P Kekeke.

After recess I lost all my energy from jumping around and laughing too hard until my tears came out, and I got really sleepy and stopped socializing. Hahaha,

bt when there's Navjit, there's always fun. :P Kekeke. I love her so much! And did I mention I'm nt gay? :P

TiN@ N@vJiT says:
hey my gay partner

Haha. Silly jokes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008 @5:41 AM

Today in the library, we were sitting in a big group, as usual, bt this time, Navjit was acting too gay, like, she kept on tickling me and then when the librarian came and told us to keep our mouth shut, she got so shock at the fact Navjit hands were on my waist, and she was like "OMG, lesbo's"

LOL. Then the second time she came, navjit was pinning my hair for me, and then she really thought we were gay, and she kept on saying "it's okay if you girls are lesbians, just please try to be quiet, I am very open about it." And I was like, wtheck.

Jeez man, and then when the librarian went off I scolded Navjit, "OMGODDD, you see laaahh, now everyone thinks we're gaaaaay!"

LOL. well, other than that, we laughed till my stomach hurts. and science class was a total boredom. Freak man, I really don't like my science teacher, keep on calling out my name "Sandyyyyy, Sanddyy, sandyyy" "Sandy, don't gossip,"


Wednesday, August 27, 2008 @5:56 AM

Kelly Clarkson - Don't Waste Your Time

It seems you can't hear me
When I open my mouth you never listen
You say stay, but what does that mean
Do you think I honestly want to be reminded forever

Don't waste your time trying to fix
What I want to erase
What I need to forget
Don't waste your time on me my friend
Friend, what does that even mean
I don't want your hand
You'll only pull me down
So save your breath
Don't waste your song
On me, on me
Don't waste your time

It's not easy not answering
Every time I want to talk to you
But I can't
If you only knew the hell I put myself through
Replaying memories in my head of you and I
Every night

@5:18 AM

Navjit, I just want you to know, without you, I don't know what I'll I do. And that, thank you so much. Remember when we took the chalk and scribbled "Navjit love sandy" all over blok D? Oh, it was darn funny. God, i think everyone will think we're gay!
oooohhh, today was darn funny, all because of you. I love you so much!

I can't believe I found someone like you. So different than anyone else.
Okay, I'm not gay people, I just sound gay,

Vicky said I'm crazy that's why they all laugh much more often now. Is that a compliment? Lol!

Skinny chicken,
I'm glad you're happy. :)
Smile, smile, and then when you're crazy, you'll make me happy too! :)
Eeee, "Morning?"
sounds gay, :D like you!
For me, i tried my best to stay happy today.
Thanks so much, dearie.
and btw, about your problem, everyone goes through that, whether you want to or not. I got over my problems, try to fix yours kayh? Cause honestly, no one can help you, we all can listen, understand you, but, you are the one who has to go through the pain. So, be strong.

I made a lot of mistakes, just so you know, so don't worry to let go sometimes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 @10:10 AM

To my skinny chicken":
Eyyy, I wanna call you skinny chicken cannot meh? Takkanlah You want me to call you old woman, kekeke. or fatty? You're not fat laah! You so gila skinny.

Hahahaha. The line you said "take time to let bad things shoo off...while happiness rush in."
reminds me of lilian too!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Ting ting, honestly right, I don't know what's going on with your life, that's why I don't think I can help.
But for now, just feel better kayh? There will be sunshine after the rain, just remember to smile! like you taught me to, I feel better when I think of you. :)

Don't be sad, kayh? :)

And Sorry I just had to reply cause I don't feel sleepy :)

@4:38 AM

Today I've just found out Sangitaa shifted school. Without telling anyone.

So everyone was damn shock, and her bestfriend cried. I hope they will be okay. Because I went through this before.

It's kinda upsetting lah, eventhough I didn't know Sangitaa that well, she was still a friend to me.
We could have planned a farewell party.

To Navjit:
Dear, don't cry, we've all been through this.
I'm sorry I yelled at you in school, yeah, we do that all the time, but this time, you're right.
She was stubborn. And I tried to help sort things out, I just didn't wanna be on anyone's side. Thanks for listening to my advice, smile, you still have me.

To Ting Ting: Hmmm. Why your blog post so emo wan? Aiyoo. :( you catching the emo* sickness already. :(
You okay or not? Don't be so sad laaah. Bad feng shui you knoww. After nobody wanna come near you. Kekeke, skinny chicken. :D
Don't be sad kayh? I'm here, I'm your fatty dog! :D


Monday, August 25, 2008 @8:07 PM

To Ting Ting: YEEAAAH, you are always childish! :) I love yoouuuu laaaah! Gay crazy chickenn'!
And I'll try to smile, yeahh, must shoo all those bad energy, HAHAHA.
Bad feng shui. :D

@7:25 PM

Maybe- Kelly Clarkson

I'm strong, but I break
I'm stubborn, and I make plenty of mistakes
Yeah I'm hard, and life with me is never easy
To figure out, to love, I'm jaded but oh so lovely
All you have to do is hold me
And you'll know and you'll see just how sweet it can be
If you'll trust me, love me, let me, maybe, maybe

Someday when we're at the same place
When we're on the same road
When it's okay to hold my hand without feeling lost
Without all the excuses
When it's just because
You love me, you let me, you need me, then maybe, maybe

All you have to do is hold me
And you'll know and you'll see just how sweet it can be
If you'll trust me, love me, let me, maybe, maybe

I'm confusing as hell
Yeah I'm north and south
And I'll probably never have it all figured out
but what I know is I wasn't meant to walk this world without you
And I promise I'll try
Yeah I'm gonna try to give you every little part of me
Every single detail you missed with your eyes
Then maybe, maybe, yeah maybe, yeah maybe,
maybe, yeah maybe, yeah maybe

One day, we'll meet again and you'll need me, you'll see me completely
Every little thing, oh yeah maybe, you'll need me, you'll love me, you'll love me then

I don't want to be tough
And I don't wanna be proud
I don't need to be fixed and I certainly don't need to be found
I'm not lost, I need to be loved, I just need to be loved
I just want to be loved by you
And I won't stop cause I believe that maybe yeah maybe

Maybe yeah maybe
Maybe, maybe
I should know better than to touch the fire twice
but I'm thinking maybe, yeah, maybe you might,
Maybe, love maybe

Sunday, August 24, 2008 @6:58 AM

Laksh - issues and tissues { Blank } says:
nice pic(:
Laksh - issues and tissues { Blank } says:
you guys look like a colgte ad
Laksh - issues and tissues { Blank } says:

@3:50 AM

Went to the orphanage, and old folks home centre. It was kinda depressing to see those people suffering. But overall, it gave me and oppurtunity to be glad I did not go through life like them.

When we first stepped into the shelter we were like "OMG. " then Navjit was acting like a princess, saying "SO DIRTY! EWW."


It was fun. And we chitchat and laughed. As usual, it started raining.
Our feet were dirty. My friends didn't like my hair style. They said I look like a lala. But oh well, :) Retards are meant to be lalas.

My friends were saying
"Eleh, Sandy just wanna show herself doing work only."

Then all of them did the same thing.


Saturday, August 23, 2008 @9:06 PM

Yesterday was Leo orientation,
It was so darn early and I forgot to take my breakfast.
My stomach was grumbling and it wasn't happy. :(
I made a few new friends. And it was nice to see Bridget again.
Sat on the bus with Tingting and Bridget., both of them are bestfriends.

After that, we went back home, changed,
And went out to Max Valu.

It was darn fun, we talked and talked, and knew more about each other.
Plus, Ting Ting kept on telling us not to be 'childish' but then she was acting so gay herself. :P

It was raining, so I couldn't go for a jog, we wen't Starbucks, shared a chocolate ice blended and headed to 'Big apple'.

I love you guys! :)

@4:44 AM

Busy. Busy. Busy.
I'll update soon.

But before that
I would like to say,
I don't want to go against anyone.
Please, don't you hate me for no reason.

I don't hate you for being so cruel.
I don't blame you for being you.
But please understand, if it's time you need, I've already given you enough.

Friday, August 22, 2008 @8:24 AM

I went out to OU. And I spent the whole day with Terry, Kenneth and Jaclyn
And Sam. Hehehe.

We watched Wall-E and it was better than we all expected.
I was searching for a manga to get some inspiration from, since I'm working on my own,

I'm too tired to elaborate.

Pictures corrupted.

Thursday, August 21, 2008 @6:06 AM

Ohmygod, Man, I seriously cried last time at the saloon when I was halfway cutting my boycut hair, Daymn, the saloonist panicked and handed me a tissue,
I could actually feel the breeze on my neck, For my very first time in ten years,

I really regretted cutting my hair, Ugh, changes changes changes.
Sandra's family said we look kinda alike, cause we both look like blackies'
Helllooo? It's called being tanned. Serve me right for running around the padang in the morning, my burnt skin will never be fair. :(

Oh god, bangs. :(
Bahaha. Sandra, you're so gay. :D'

We went to Desa Park City, Aka, MAX VALU MAX VALU MAX VALU! :D
It's gonna turn into my second home.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 @7:02 PM

Me and my bowling strikes. :D

Well, this was taken somewhere around March.
And I guess I kinda look a bit gay in this vid, but well, those who don't believe I bowl, here's the proof.

:) ps. I'm the one in white, and with the Milo logo, Okay, i do look retarded, but it doesn't matter! :)

@3:33 AM

Me and Bridget went to Max Valu, as for me, it's my third time this week. ;)
We had lunch, and headed to the art shop.

Bridget got so crazy over some do-it-yourself frames that costs RM10,
Painted it at Coffee Bean, and left stains on the table.
Ohmygosh, Thank god the workers there didn't kill us, I knew it was a bad idea.

It was kinda fun! I painted the bunny, she did the frame, And we named the bunny "Bunbun!"


Later then, we went to the park, while it was drizzling,we climbed and laugh, and had lots of fun.
We kept on saying we were such dorks and immature.

We played and hang out.
And it was great cause she's such an open person.
I had a real great time!

We laughed so much painting the retarded bunny.
And fooling around.

It's fun to get to know her more, she's really different than anyone else! And I'm glad to know her.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 @10:52 PM

Confused state. :(

@7:07 AM

A special someone told me that it's okay to let go.
And that it's okay to hang onto your friends,
just not too much.
Don't depend on them too much,
Don't trust them too much.
Don't love them too much,
Cause one day, we'll all have to let go.

And throughout what has happened, I've already learn to be strong.
I just want you to know, that no one can ever replace you, YOU, you were the shining star that made me so glad to have ever knew you in the first place.
Joey, this is coming from the heart.

This is for you, this is for everything you have done from me,,
Even if I don't see you, dont hang out with you anymore,
there's always space for you in my heart.

It doesn't matter who else is involved in my life, I am so sorry for what I have done, for making this huge gap between us, for ever saying those hurtful words.
Deep down, I still love you, it's okay if you're ready to let go now,
Because there's a mark you left here, and I will always love you for who you are.

No, even if we don't smile at each other when we walk pass by, I won't forget the times we smiled and laughed and cared and acted silly! not caring about anyone else.
That's all I want, and need to say.


Monday, August 18, 2008 @3:27 AM

Today was real exhausting.

But it was great! Hanged out with Ellis And Meryl.
Had a gay-happy-go-lucky-extremely fun day!

We started off our day at my house. Talking as usual,
And then we went to Max Valu.

Bought starbucks and ate 'Chocolate indulgence. Had a picnic in the playground. Man, the last time we had a picnic, we almost vomit all the junk food. Ew,

After that, we acted gay and Syuk Sendiri, played and took lots of pictures.
It was real fun! :)

It was glad to see them again. Especially Ellis.

We bought a kite and named it "Cally"
Cuz' it's colourful.

OMG. so gay man.

We flied Cally and it went really high up.
We laughed and laughed.
I swear I almost tumbled down.

It was great spending time with the girls.
It's good to take my mind off a few things.


I really feel messed up. I hope you're happy now.
Fine. If you don't want it, then it's okay.
I am ready to face the truth.


An immature who wants a second chance in life.


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