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Sunday, June 29, 2008 @9:54 AM

German dish. 'Das iz good!"
Mommy at the beach, :) It was really dark at that time.

Look! It's rissara. :)

Bought some peanuts to feed the hungry monkeys. Daddy gave them our nice, expensive crackers. :( I AM SO ANGRY. We gave them bananas too.

Angry monkey? :(Mommy and daddy trying to walk in a line. All of us tried cause daddy provoked us. He said ' I bet all of you can't walk in a straight line' Well, I proved HIM wrong.

I'm the photographer. :D I bought this for My dear Heidy. :) Front Back.
Yeah, so I've not been blogging often. Stop bugging me, people. It's bad enough I suck at balancing my time.

So, turns out the bowling lanes broke down and we have to cancel our practises on Friday and Sunday. Which is totally ridiculous mann. We seriously have to sue our 'Lane repairer'.

Friday - Missed school. Went to penang. It's suppose to be a VACATION. But it turns out like 'Three days of not-so-relaxing' especially the freaking hot sun that burns my skin.

Yeah. Learnt a few GERMAN words. 'Erin Nerong' Means Memories.
'Vas is Das' apparently means 'What is that?'
Das iz gud!' Means that is good.
'Ich liebe Dich' Means I love you. :)
'Gutentag' means.. Hello? haha.
'Nein' Means no.

Oh oh. We went to the Botanic Garden.
Eat in western restaurants. Italian restaurants. German restaurants. to Hawker stalls near the roadsides.
Fooled around. Like monkeys.

Lazy to upload pictures. Blah.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 @10:00 AM

My host sister came down yesterday.

Johanna. But it's pronouns as Yo-hanna. And no Ris, it's not Yolanda. She's so sweet. She's from Germany.
But the communication i
s a little hard. Okay, VERY HARD. But I will try to communicate more. She's a darling.

Today for art class, we had to draw comic strips. Brendy and Joey drew emo figurenes. It's extremely cute. But we had to finish it less than 45 minutes. We came in class late and so, I rushed to draw this.

I did not have any ideas, and I had to think directly on spot.

So, Brendy suggested drawing the shooting hearts' idea.

And I thought, since it will be a good way to express my feelings. I drew my friends. Me, and it has double meaning.

Other than that, on PJ period, we had to do lots of sit ups, and pumping. As usual, I did the most. BWAHAHAHA. Sorry, I just felt like I never praised myself for days.

Well, Has anyone seen the wall at blok C? WOW. It's freaking beautiful. Plus, I had to give them credits cause it was really impressive.

I wanted my gang and I to go for the 'My school rocks' thingy, But it seems like we ran out of time, plus, I have been really busy over the past months. Dammnnn.

I have been Missing my bowling lessons. And my friends are angry at me. I am so sorry. :(

Monday, June 23, 2008 @8:41 AM


So why does everyone thinks I'm crazy to 'WANT TO GO FOR SURGERY SO MUCH?' Well. It's actually one of my 'things to do' on my list that I've been so eager to cross out.

It's just. It hurts less if I get over with it now. Then living with it forever.

Daddy's bday.

We got a whole secret recipe 'MUDCAKE'

Delish. Delightful.

Saturday, June 21, 2008 @9:30 PM

My darling friends. And my day to Jusco.

Damn funny picture

Caught a movie. Get smart' COOL WEIYHH. Then we went to yam cha. I bought the bread from 'papa roti' REALLY GOOD.

And I saw lots of kbs. and malurians walking everywhere.

Pretty eh? :) I dropped my strawberry on the table. :( So I didn't eat it.

Requested. From Vicky.

It's freaking delicious. The restaurant is next to KFC. But i forgot what it's called. Something like.. "tea and... ? ' Or ' food and drinks'? or something like that. :/


Went to the club with Sam. Met terry. Went to the study room. And guess what? When I was playing my laptop the whole table broke down. So we were damn scared. What if they think we were the one who did it?

So we tried fixing it. Hahha. Pathetic.

Everytime we finish putting everything into place. It breaks down. So. In the end, my dad called the carpenter to do it. Thank god we dont have to pay for the table. hahaha.

So gay lah you, Terry. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008 @7:10 PM

Just came back from olahraga. Jogged for 10 laps. Damn dark now.

It sucks to be the only girl there, except Brenda. But she's too cool to hang out with me. Bwahahaha.

Tomorrow there's a carnival in KB. And there's a shopping trip with kai ni, vanessa, sharlyn. Etc. So which one should I pick? :/

Well. I feel much better now. Eventhough a part of me still wants to stay with my Navjit. Shahsfiny. Vicky. Sangitaa. Darshaini. Amanda. Kavisha. I love them all. Thanks for helping me so much to regain my confidence. Thanks for having my back. I will never leave you guys. I am so
Greatful to have ALL of you. :)

You guys really supported me. And YOU definetely cheered me up when I cried. It was so scary when I felt like those people were leaving me. But now, I know the truth.

My sweaty hand partner just had her hand surgery. I am so sorry I didn't visit.I wanted to visit you on thursday, but you'll be checking out then. I Love you. Ellis.

And yeah. I'm not afraid to admit it. I have sweaty hands too. I was born with this. But I'm gonna do an operation. I asked my close friends ' Will you come visit me?' They Said. 'OHMAGOD. What kind of stupid question is that? Obviously we'll come and visit lah, bodoh. No matter what. And we'll all come in a gang" Whereas. My bffs said. " It depends lah... If it's schooling day have to see first. "

I'm not comparing... but it's kinda funny how they respond to the question. :)

Kinda sad to be born this way. It brings down 70% of my self esteem. And It's so embarrassing last time, where I had to hide it from my parents. Can you believe it? I had to try so many tactics to avoid getting water on my book. It sucks. But it's okay. Cause My parents supported me in doing this surgery. No more turning back. :) Like what Ellis said, I can finally be normal.

I can't wait.

This is actually, A drawing of someone. She's not riding a bicycle, Ellis. LOL! Sandraaaa. So freaking funny. :P

Sorry Joey. I hope you're not angry with me. I have plenty of reasons why I thought you didn't feel comfortable with me. Sorry. Everything is just my fault. EVERYTHING. Please love me back. :( I always wanted to talk to you about it. But you're always busy. and there's always people around you.

I wish it wasn't like this.

I love you lah, sayang.

Went through my old art.



Tuesday, June 17, 2008 @9:06 AM

I guess. maybe. I was wrong? but yet.

I used to be really extremely close to this girl. We even cry once, which was really unbelievable since YOU NEVER CRIED in front of anyone before. And now you treat me like trash.

You seriously. Neglected me. When I talk to you, all you do is just reply me by one word. Or just nod. It's so sick. I mean. I tried so hard to talk to you. For you to open up to me. Just because I was gone for a month. Does it mean that you are allowed to treat me this way?
Does this mean that, you never appreciated our friendship?

It hurts. God. It hurts. Plus. you're not the only one who's doing this to me.
Everyone ask me to move on, how can I? As if its so easy. Especially if she means a lot to me. I'm going through a hard time. Everyone misunderstands me. everyone.

And yet. I have to go crawling to my other friends. Feeling so pathetic. Yet, my other friends accepted me. I didn't want to sit with you guys who I claimed 'bestfriends' because those other people appreciated me.

Okay. I'll reverse everything. You guys. YOU GUYS. you guys are something that means so much to me. But its so different now. She took my place. It's okay. Just that. I am so miserable sitting here. God, I feel so pathetic. SO FREAKING CHILDISH. AND SO FREAKING PATHETIC. Like a 12 year old kid who cries for attention.

Am I just another person who walks in and out of your life?

Sunday, June 15, 2008 @10:37 PM

Happy bday sam. :)

You left the stupid alarm ringing. And I'm very irritated at you. >:(
I missed school today. Suppose to go lunch with sis. but I have no idea why we're still at home.

I didn't buy Sam anything yet. :( :( wanted to go get her some comics or something. . I need some idea's badddd!

Happy father's day daddy.

We went out for lunch and dinner. With robin kor. He's so lame. lameh. lol. I mean, he owes me a chicken, :)
We ate at mid valley, uhh. Green gardens? or something like that. Then we went to a Thai restaurant. there's a gay guy, but he is not as cute as the other gay guy.

, and One more thing. Doesn't anyone realize that any guys can get girls by just sweet talking? Thank god I'm not that kind of person. :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008 @8:28 AM

I take back everything I said about you.
I always thought you were always there for me.You're so unbelievable. You did so much.

Okay, I'm sorry I sounded harsh. I just wanted to let you know. but that's not what I really meant. I understand you had to make your own decisions, and maybe you're afraid of telling me. So, I'll wait for an explanation.
You are very very very important. Well, just wanted you to know, again.

So, I might be a little over-exaggerated about my day, but..

went out to yam cha with my sis. and then I went to school.
Came late for briefing. Already kinda upset cuz Things happened days ago. But I bottled it up, cuz I didnt wanna tell anyone YET. Had a migraine.

But I went anyways. So. as usual, my gang didnt wait for me when I entered science class. So, I walked with my other friends. Which really cared about me. And thats really sweet.

And when my gang sat down and talk. I feel so..? sad? I don't know. It's like, my mood disrupts everything. And I just sat down there like a dummy. no one realizing my existence. I feel as if I can't clique with them. So I went to my other friends. That's what I normally do, after all those practises and missing classes.

So that's it, and I wanted to tell my close friend. but, I guess, I shook it off. She asked me after school if i was upset. But why does she care? Obviously, this is such a childish matter. During recess, another shit happened. AAAAH!

But it's normal for girls. We tend to feel a little. unappreciated. I've been neglected. But I never spoke because I thought these things should be kept for me alone. But i hated this feeling. It's shit.

I found out news that my moral teacher's not teaching anymore. so, there's another downside.

@8:10 AM

Kill all your friends.

Well you can hide a lot about yourself,
But honey, what're you gonna do?
And you can sleep in a coffin,
But the past ain't through with you.

'Cause we are all a bunch of liars.
Tell me, baby, who do you wanna be?
And we are all about to sell it,
'Cause it's tragic with a capital T.
Let it be, Let it be, Let it be!

'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends.
(Bababa, bababa)
And we all get together when we bury our friends.
(Bababa, bababa)
It's been eight bitter years since I've been seeing your face.
(Bababa, bababa)
And you're walking away, and I will die in this place.

Sometimes you scrape and sink so low,
I'm shocked at what you're capable of.
And if this is a coronation,
I ain't feeling the love.

'Cause we are all a bunch of animals
That never paid attention in school.
So tell me all about your problems;
I was killing before killing was cool.
You're so cool, You're so cool, So cool!

'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends.
(Bababa, bababa)
And we all get together when we bury our friends.
(Bababa, bababa)
It's been nine bitter years since I've been seeing your face.
(Bababa, bababa)

And you're walking away, and I will die in this place.

You'll never take me alive.
You'll never take me alive.
Do what it takes to survive,
'Cause I'm still here.
You'll never get me alive.
You'll never take me alive.
Do what it takes to survive,
And I'm still here.
You'll never take me alive.
You'll never get me alive.
Do what it takes to survive,
And I'm still here.
You'll never get me.
(Still here!)
You'll never take me.
(Still here!)
You'll never get me alive.

'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends.
(Bababa, bababa)
And we all get together when we bury our friends.
It's been ten f**king years since I've been seeing
Your face 'round here.
And you're walking away, and I will drown in the fear.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 @8:22 AM

We are strong. :) women.

I'm sorry, joey. For my bad camwhoring skills. Hahahahhaa.

Now, Doesnt this sound familiar? OMG. Sounds almost like my blog. :D No, they copied me.
Ris and Joey having a real good time at the marry-go-round. Now, doesnt this look extremely fun? Bad camera skills. Was laughing hard at that time.

Funny. :)

I just got my results. And I'm forth in class. Yes, my standard drop. Yes, I am upset
about it. But what can I do? :(

Ris and I, are really depressed. We were competing. And well. I guess, at every examination, we would be EXTREMELY moody. Cause all of us will compete.

So, she's really upset. I don't know how to cheer her up.

So I thought of drawing a picture for her. :) Although. I'm kinda sleepy right now. :O *yawn.

I just wanna take this time to apologise, since whenever I try to confront you, you'll just brush me off. I just wanted to apologise, but whenever I said sorry, it just seems like you don't even see my sincerity. Sorry. Ris. I never meant to be so hard on you before this.

I was rushing. so it looks messy, sorry.


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