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Thursday, July 31, 2008 @9:25 AM

Shake Shake SHAKE it.

, Heartsick.
You're so amazing in every way that even I won't attempt to elaborate.

!" Mr moorthy needs to get a vacation.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 @9:13 AM

Teacher's day performance.

Yes, I know, it 's on May.

Guess which is me? Wo hoooo.

That's me. The one which I circled with red. Striking a gay pose. Bwahah.

I'm sick and tired of being so let down by my surroundings. And yes, ever since I've been hanging out with them monkays' I've been totally SYIOK SENDIRI weiyh.

I think we need to step back, and try to act normal for once. ;)
I think it's the fact that I was too serious back then with them, sorry guys for what I was trying to pull last time.
Now I'm making randomly gay comments. Potato bread, bleh. :P

Anyways. I know what I'm doing. And I'm trying my best to settle everything.
People, please just give me a chance to explain? I hope everything will be back in place. And I don't want it to end just 'Like that'

It's not easy for me, especially when there are trouble makers making it so tough for me.

Now, for my surgery, Yeah, I've been waiting for this day to come, But, for now, I will not be touching my bowling balls, Suprising enough, when I went back to bowling practises after 2 months of not attending it, I bowled four strikes in a row, one spare, and 2 more strikes.

this is NOT a joke. And I scratched my head every time I got a strike, cause my international bowling friends were trying twice as hard to get a strike. Bleh. :P

People keep on asking me how heavy is my ball, If you would like to know,
It's 13 pounds, try carrying it, I don't think you're strong enough. :P

The other one is 12.3 pounds,

I am officially putting away bowling until my hand surgery is done, bebeh.

And yes, I know about you and your *AHEM.
But, it's okay lah, You don't have to tell me, I already know.

And just so you know, I guess you don't take me as your close friend to tell me things like that, but I just care for you lah, kayh? I'm not involved with anything nowadays. So...

I just.. *sigh. too bad too bad.
No one tells me anything anymore, I guess I'm just another *some one else.

I wanna sit next to you, smile and laugh with you.
Oh, we're gonna be bestfriends till the end.
You skeleton in my closet. Don't forget to blurt out your secret.

Hun. this repeated dilemma, we're stuck. We're stuck. We're stuck,
Just let me be alone again.

Saturday, July 26, 2008 @11:48 PM

OHMAGOD. "What time is it ahhh? OMGWTH. 2 pm?!?!??!?!"
Saturday afternoon.
Sorry guys, suppose to do study group. :D

Damn gay wei, two days ago. HAHAHHAHAHA.

And actually Bryan invited me to go to some party at OU. But I told him I would feel left out.
So I stayed at home yesterday.

At six I went to desa parkcity with Sandraa,
And we jogged quite a distance. I remembered sandra mumbling "I haven't jogged so long since forever." We sat down and let the cold raindrops touch our skin.
Thanks hun for the eve.

Today was ellis party,
and this is her temporary present.

It was nice seeing her again. And she said she could tell how long we didn't met each other from the length of my hair.

I did not like the fact that she said it. And it was true.
Yes, time past so quickly.

I just felt so touch that people care about me. And that they actually take effort to know how am I, Thanks kelsey for calling me.
Thanks sandra for listening.
Thanks ellis for cheering me up babe.
Aftr all, old bestfriends come first like they always do.

Thanks hanushaa for the suprising phone calls.
Thanks heidy. Quah power weiyh. :)
Thanks suren, bestfriend.
Thanks marc, Misery partner.
Thanks navjit for being there for me. I owe it all to you. FOR the JAKUUNNNN TIMES!
Thanks vicky babeee.
Thanks kavi the monkey. For the cute comments.

Thank you for tolerating my cranky tone on the line sometimes.

Friday, July 25, 2008 @11:01 AM

I wish I could make it back in time just to see us laugh one more time.

It seems like memories were burnt.
and new ones are created.

Thursday, July 24, 2008 @10:20 AM

Farewell Johanna.

We had a great camwhoring night.
But feelings stayed.
And yes, I'm just a little upset now.

I am considering to peel out my ears so I don't get to hear those mentally torturing words that people say.

Navjit and I were playing on the staircase today. There was this lift button' that is actually made up of marker pen. It was drawn on the walls and every floor we went up, there would be the same buttons. 'going up, going down.'

So Kavi and Nav would be rushing towards the buttons. "I wanna click first! I wanna click first!"
And sadly to admit, I would be running behind them, breaking into laughter and loud giggles,

We were so caught up in our own little world' that we forgotten about the rest of them who stared at us, or thinking we're somewhat crazy.

Kavi wrote a damn long sentence on Nav's table. USING A PEN.
So. Navjit was a little irritated cause' she want's her table to be perfectly clean.

Kavi used a liquid paper to cover the mess. And I laughed until my stomach hurts.
It's the little things they do that keeps me a little more alive everyday.

It's so funny how Navjit sings "My funny guy" whenever she see's my bag; Roxy.

And it's so funny that I never realised her existence for after so many years, Navjit is a donhorse' And kavi is my monkay.

It's funny how we can't get mad at each other, even if I'm damn irritated at her, and after a second, we'd both be laughing.

I love her so much mann! I tell you, she was the one who hold me tight when I was so hopeless. Same goes to my dear bestfriends out there,
Heidy, you too.
All of you rock my socks.

I've just noticed this month had been a rough time to go through.
And it isn't easy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 @11:48 AM

And today is Ellis and Johanna's birthday.

My family and I went souled out. Teenage hot-spot.
The food tasted great.
The aura was 'loud.Fun.

And I am too lazy to upload the pictures.
Maybe later? <

I don't know why.
But people really have nothing better to do nowadays.

Messing with people's social life?
Talking bad about other people?

Spreading rumors and you don't even have to tell me directly, EVERY single thing will come back to me, and when I find out, I'll slowly understand how things work.

Is it so interesting to ruin's someone's life? I mean, PLEASE, if you don't have a life, why must you go destroy others?
We didn't even talk. How can you say I like to lie a lot? PLEASE.

You're so immature,

It's really not nice, you know.

I didn't even do anything to you.



Sunday, July 20, 2008 @9:21 AM

Went to Genting highlands today. Pictures later. No time to upload.

And then we went to eat dinner with kor's family.

My parents keep on calling kor their 'Future-in-law'

Anyways. Yesterday, After science extra classes, I ran to the market, no company this time.


Haha. both of us gave that 'Ohmagod,why does she look so familliar' look when we turned and look at each other's faces.

It was so embarrassing cause she was walking with a couple of friends, and I was rushing towards them like an angry chicken.

It was darn funny lah. I became damn dark since the sun was burning me.
And I went to eat with mummy and daddy. Saw my friends at the next table. I was like 'OMGWTH'

And then me and my sisters, plus Yvonne and Johanna (they are considered as my sisters too)
Went to yam cha.
Then we headed to The Curve, baby.

Darn exhausting.

Saturday, July 19, 2008 @10:28 PM

Lalaland is like an amusement park for us. (:

Friday, July 18, 2008 @5:00 AM

Is ignoring the truth,
The best way to go through life?

Can I be excused? When the world seems like it's falling apart.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @4:34 AM

Everyday. People will ask me. 'How are you?"
And I reply, with my lips faintly curve upwards "fine."

Well. What was I suppose to say? 'No. My day is horrible. It sucks."
People would think I'm hella pessimistic.
Crazy, in fact. And I don't wanna sound like a weirdo.

But that's not all true. Every single day of my life is good. But not great.
Because sometimes, the things I do, without realising it, might hurt a few people.
And I'm sorry about that.

And honestly, I guess I miss those times when I laughed because of those people.

And every single thing they say hurts me. Not everything. But. A lot.
Even if they don't realise it. Or maybe they want me to listen anyways.
I don't know.

Trust is something that is VERY important in each relationship. And it forms one. Because of that, we have 'gangs'. or 'bestfriends'
Trust is the reason why I believe the other one.

But right now. Who am I suppose to believe?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 @4:59 AM

We started our day by waking up at 4 in the morning! And I slept for one hour only. Then , we went to the air port.Me and My sisters were laughing at this sign. because the fella who wrote this is probably A BAD Speeeelllllleerrr.Then we took a ferry. When we reached the island. Everyone was freaking tired. And I got a call from Navjit. She called to tell me about some stuff. and then she asked what time I'm going to school. OPPS. I didnt tell anyone I was leaving so early. My friends was kinda pissed cuz I didnt tell them.So we went snorkeling. but Robin was lost in the forest. He actually wanted to give us a suprise that he could appear in front of our chalets before we reached there. but Unfortunately, he went to the wrong place which appears to be opposite of where we were staying.

My kor kor so bodoh. So he decided to take the jungle trekking way. Which was really dangerous. He was suppose to reach our place in 45 minutes, but there were no trace of him for 4 hours. My dad panicked. he called the search party.

It's been forever. My dad couldnt go snorkeling with us cause he was too worried, same goes to my sis.

When me, my mum, johanna and sam, finished snorkeling, we bathed, and went to the beach.
Scribbled lots of stuff on the sand. these are a few of them.

And who says I dont care anymore?

He finally appeared, the people managed to find him. THANK GOD. He said he was somewhere. OMG. I tell you man, the orang kampung who was suppose to know all the routes around the island was damn confused because they never heard of such place. Kor was really stuck in some place mann.

At night. We were playing cards. Laughing like hell. Playing the bombatsu' game or something like that. So the rules are, a person is suppose to make everyone laugh. But the rest is suppose to tahan from bursting out. The loser has to take a picture with a really retarded face.

It was 2am.everyone went to bed. The next day. We went for snorkelling again.

Took lots of cool underwater pics.
JohannaMe. Cool eh?

Me and Johanna.

We swam for hours. Saw and touch lots of things. Jo was our tour guide. He's a damn cool guy.
In the evening. It was resting time. All of us as family, except kor and jie who was snorkeling, went to the beach. Sat down on the chairs that was already set up. Letting the sea breeze pull our hair back. Sitting back, and relax.
Everything seemed so calm. But Things started to get into my head. I was kinda moody on that trip because everything was falling apart for me. Tears started pouring. And I tried calling Ris,Wanting to let it out' but she claims she's too busy watching a movie. So I was like 'Okay.."
I was really upset man.

At night. We went to the beach. there was a beach party. We danced and jump up and down.
Damn crazy. I just wanted to let everything out. So I just threw my hands everywhere. Dancing but not following the rhythm. Laughing so hard. And having fun.

After that, we went to eat.
Walked on the beach.

Went for supper. and went back to our chalets.

The next morning, Waiting in 8am in the morning. OMG. SO damn tiring. But I kinda like this picture. So natural. :D
we took a ferry, a bus, and 'MAS' airlines.

They spelled our names wrong.

Do we really understand what does 'Trust' means?
If you trust someone, why do you feel like you have doubts on them.

It doesn't matter who they are. But it matters if what they say, sometimes, might not be true all the time.

I trust her. I really do. But rumors keep on spreading, saying things that aren't even true about her. And I will be the one defending her. And then people says I gossiped about her.
I admit, I do say things like, "why did she do this to me?
but I NEVER EVER EVER said things like ' She's so evil, she's an asshole."

Why must people make up rumors.
Why do I feel so apart from her? Why? why why?
Why is everything so different now.
That. I am so close to others.
But I'm so apart from those who matter most to me.

I miss her. I really do. but does it matter now?
That she looks like she doesnt really care anymore.
That she doesn't mind being apart.
That its okay, if I go mixing around with others, but not turning back to look at her once.


An immature who wants a second chance in life.


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