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Friday, November 30, 2007 @1:14 AM


Pictures when we went swimming. Hahaha.

Hahah. Yesterday, I went swimming with Sara (which is also known as Ris) It's my little nickname I made up for her. I'm the only one who can use it to her. :)

Her little sis and bro were so cute! Ahah. Their house was damn huge. I think it can fit around 100 buffaloes or something. The point is, it's big. x)

We went to her club. It was really near her house. Raman Putra or something. On the way there, Sara forced me to remember the road and how we get to her house. It was TORTURE. I hate remembering stuff like that. And plus, she kept on scolding me whenever I got attracted to something else, like the scenery and pretty flowers around! She kept on turning my head to look at the road and said, " WOIII, FOCUS LAHH. NEXT TIME YOU DON'T REMEMBER THAN I DON'T INVITE YOU TO MY HOUSE AGAIN!"

Fuyooohh. Dare to scold me. :P

Then we camwhore the whole day. I found out more info's about her. She was independant, like usual, but older siblings can also be VERY VERY BOSSY.

Sara straightened her fringe. And her mom was soooooo SWEET. Me and her mom can talk about Sara's smile. *we both don't like it. cause she likes to make it UNNATURAL.

I think I accidentally drop her lil' sis in the water. Cause I had to carry her. ( the pool was too deep for them) So the sis was like "I EAT THE WATER. EAT THE WATER!"

And then I laughed and said, " Yummy or not?"

Then she replied, " NO!"

I guess she wasn't that angry, cause later she wanted to hold my hand. x)

I think I cursed in front of her mom, like saying SHIT. I guess it's my habit, and I'm trying real hard to stop saying SHIT. :'(
I had quite some fun. But there were some time I was feeling quite bored cause we had to wait for quite long. x)
I get to experience staying with Sara for a day! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 @9:14 AM

Hahaa. I can't believe I got close to Heidy. All thanks to Sandra! :) But I still wanna get to know her MORE. LOTS MORE. :)

Cuz' I hate feeling shy because I always do when I meet someone new. I always wanted to be LOUD. I mean, seriously loud without giving a care to what other people think. I always stayed safe cause I don't wanna ruined reputations or all that crap.

Giving in is what's best for everyone.

And plus. I only seem loud to my friends, my classmate, those people I've been hanging out for at least 2 weeks, then I can open up more to them.

I've been seriously addicted to weird stuff, like Neopets? Have anyone heard of that? It's really nice to play once you get the hang of it.

I'm getting used to the tablet, better than before. Mine is really basic, so there's just a pen-like thingy and quite a small space to draw on. It's a hand-me-down from my sis.

I really seem to like crapping in this blog. Whoever knew blogging was that fun! :) Especially letting other people read all this. :D

Russell Peter's is a real joker. I spent so much time watching him on Youtube.

He's the best comedian, although some of his jokes are quite dry, I pretty much understand whatever he says. Well, most of them though.
It's quite sad none of my gang members heard of him. I mean, CMON, he's the best! :)

Balls of fury. I have to watch it. Maybe next week. HAHA! Maybe there will be a shopping trip I can look forward to.

I've been so lazy, I hardly go on exercise this week. I mean, all I ever do is martial arts or bowling. Or sometimes, I go out jogging. *That hardly happens.

Sara says she wants to take up sports. HAAHA! I can't wait.
Then she can be my partner. Oh god.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 @12:17 AM

Here are some of the pictures we took in OU. Hahha. :D

In this picture, We could not find the blaaaady camera, so everyone was looking down. :P

I did not manage to grab the good ones, the funny ones, YEAHHH. but, oh well.

It was so funny, because we were waiting to get our pictures from the machine, but there were a few people outside the booth, editing their pictures.

So we waited, waited and WAITED.

And god, it was really long, despite the fact that those people were taking their sweet time.

GUESSSSSS WHAT HAPPEN. There was another booth right next to the one we were waiting, and we ran out of time editing the pictures.
Too bad, HaHahahahaha.

I wasn't really satistied with the pictures, so Sandra, Kelsey and I went to take more pictures, we went to 2 more booths, but the first one we entered sucked. The one with the red background, but Sandra loved that picture so MUCH!
Kelsey didn't mind a bit. Both of them looked great. *Curse my retarded face* -_-

That's all, :)


ps. I grabbed some photos from Joanne. Her blog's really COOL :)

Monday, November 26, 2007 @10:57 AM

Yeah, I guess I'll admit it. I'm a total Naruto Shippuuden lover. :D
I'm so addicted to it until I read the comics more than 5 hours.

Of course, there were parts that were so utterly gay, especially Sai.

Well, this was a strip from the comic, IT WAS SO TOUCHING because Naruto is willing to give up everything just for their friendship. :D

While I was reading, I managed to slip in a few drawings.

The closer; more pain.
Hold on, that's what makes it hurt so.

Don't let go, or we'll be apart.
Till we apart, more pain.
The more will to let go.

Let go, stay far. Apart, we shall.
And no pain, we shall endure.

Hahha, it's just simple sketches, it took less than 30 minutes to complete all of it. I just thought of refreshing the mind a little.

I chose pink because it signifies love and togetherness.
Sorry for the crappy words, I just felt like writing tacky stuff.
Damn, I suck. :P

I went to Carrefour just now, and I saw lots of people I knew, including those gangsters or those try-hards. UHHH GODDD.

I bought kaya balls with my sisters. My aunt from Penang stayed over for the week, so I did not go bowling. :(

Too bad lah.

AND I LOVEEEEE NARUTO. Did I mention that? ;)

@1:28 AM

Well, here's the close up. I like this better then the full view.

This was a few of my recent arts. It's fresh cause I have just finished it. It kinda sucks, but..

And I totally fell in love with cheesy cream crackers. I have just bought one packet of junk food ( Super Ring) yesterday and today its gone. :(

Someone stole and ate it without telling me. Sobs*

This is not justice! It's a crime. They stole it away from me! :'(

The pink one was signifying about the pain that holds in relationships.
That it would hurt more if you hold tighter.
I drew that for fun, cause I was suppose to draw a girl crying in the background, but I erased her because I was too lazy. :P
Too bad.
I hate drawing, but I can't keep my hands off the tablet. :D

Sunday, November 25, 2007 @3:02 AM

Saturday, November 24, 2007 @9:03 AM

My recent art. It's just a simple sketch, I decided to use the tablet this time. Just shading the highlights. That's all. :)

I guess I have to admit it... I like to draw EMO. It's so cool. It's like the only way I can express my feelings, all bottled up inside. Haaa.

This is my other art I have just recently done. It's suppose to be very MAFIA-ish. Gangsterism, Boyish. Emo.

@8:23 AM

This is more to anime. Comics. But it shows depression, not letting go, clinging onto something you can never get, that's why I drew chains all over. :)

@7:58 AM

Today, Kelsey had a party. And GODDDD, it was fun.

My birthday present was actually hand made by me. I wanted to laminate it, but I ran out of time. It actually took me two and a half hours. First it was the eyes. Then the stoooopid hair, the lips, the nose. EVERYTHING had to be in the right shape. Well, most of them. I couldn't draw me. JUST TEMBAK.

Then the others bought her gifts. EXPENSIVE. Thoughtful. Mine was the most special! :) Since it was, of course, by me. MUAHAHAHAHA.

I met JOANNE! REAL LIFE! FOR THE FIRST TIME. :) She's pretty, just as what I expected. She's nice. Hee.

Later that, we had lunch at OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE. It's not so nice is OU. I prefer the one near Carrefour. It's the best.

Then, a waiter came to serve us and all. He was like, totally hitting on Ellis, but he had a weird accent. Something like, instead of saying "Sorry" with a bummer look, or apologizing look, He smiled as if we praised him or something. He was looking proud, no questions asked.

Well, I couldn't stop giggling when he came near, it was so funny to see Ellis expression. She was sooooo super CUTE. :)

That's why it was so fun teasing you. WHOOPS. :P

They were teasing me BLUR. But.... WHY? :'(
I'm so not blur. They said I'm BLUR.Can you believe that?!?!?! HAhahaa. Nahh. I'm not offended, but they seriously made cold jokes of me, saying that I like to daydream a lot. :(

We went DREAMWORLD after that. We took lots of pictures, especially Kelsey, Sandra and ME!
Totally LALALAND.-

I've really been into art, especially during the hols. My sister inspired me so much! You don't know how much I look up to her. Well, not really, but I really really LOVE HER.

Stef passed me down her tablet. :D

I can't get the hang of it, not yet. Sobs.

@7:52 AM

You'd never guess what I saw on the laptop the other day...

Yeap, a cat.

Ohh. and look at my adorable pups. Ying & Yang. They use to poop everywhere. AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE.

Friday, November 23, 2007 @9:13 AM

I don't know why I posted these pictures. Probably because I think it's funny.

If you think it's just weird, I don't give a damn. :)

@9:07 AM

Just acting silly. We loveeeee each other. SOOOOOO MUCH.

@8:36 AM

OKayyy. this picture.. is just..it looks like... ughhh. ding dongs. x)

@8:27 AM

Here are some of the pictures we took when we went out together. :)

@7:58 AM

My cousin suggested a band. Faber Drive. It's one of the best! :)

I should really check more songs from it. teehee.

@7:54 AM

It's my first time using..... A blog. So, give me a break. It might not seem the most creative, but I'm so bored right now, I guess I should try blogging. :)

went to the curve today.

haa. ate italiannies.

Yummy. :D


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