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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 @1:39 AM

I totally forgot to take pictures. And blogging wouldn't be fun without pictures.
There's nothing I can do, really.

Today I went out with Meryl.
To Max Valu babyyy.
And we ate in secret recipe. Darn full, but we're greedy. Bought lot's of stuff to eat after that, sushi, apple juice, and sweets, etc.

We went to the playground and practically spent our whole afternoon there.
Hahaha, meryl bought herself another set of sushi, OOOOhmYGOD. so darn delicious weiyh.

Then we talked laa, she insisted that we're on a date. :P
So yeah, it was fun. I got to spend a day with her alone.

Anyways, here are the pictures on Kavi's bday.

Monday, September 29, 2008 @2:26 AM

It was Nikesh birthday yesterday,
invited, I wen't there with Shahs, Sam and Yvonne to OU.
I walked with Shahs to Waffle world, and met up with Jega and Ashwin.
Talked and all, and ate of course. Maaann, It was good.

Shahs was really quiet laah, I didn't know what was running through her head.
Jega was so annoying, he kept on teasing me.

We met up with the rest in TGV, Nikesh shaved his head.
And walked to GSC, Suraj and I wanted to get somethin' for Kavi sinced it was her birthday.
So suraj was like "Let's get her a bunch of banana's!"

While I was talking to Tim, and Wei han, a few of us accidentally got lost and walked endlessly. So we went to burger king instead.

They're a bunch of jokers la. Call me lambat seminit' and all. Actually, it's kinda true cuz' I always take a minute to think before I reply them.

since sam's gang kept pulling her away, I went to socialise more. Thanks to jega mann, he accompanied me when I was feelin' a little upset.

So we bought tickets to watch Mamma Mia. It was really darn funny lah, I kept on laughing my head off. But some of them didn't enjoy the movie at all.

After the movie, The girls wen't to mph and lot's of people were missing so a group of seven of us went to the batting cages.

Syaiful paid fr me, I offered to pay him back but he said 'I don't take money from girls'
Yeah, all guys use that as an excuse.

It was fun to get to know more new people, especially when they're all darn funny lah.
They even thought of getting Nikesh a bra' for his present.
And we actually attempt to find a loungerie shop.

At 7, I went to eat with my parents, hawker foodstalls near pasar malam.
And at eight, I wen't to Kavi's house for her party.
She LOVED the gift me and Suraj bought. :D
And nisha was there.
OOOOoooh, she was sooo dead gorgeous.
But kavi's lil' sis kept on praising me, saying I look so darn gorgeous and all. Wei, i'm not a model okaay. Cheh' Waaaah.

Hahaha. Nisha was very comfortable with us and we camwhored,
Nisha said ' LEt's do american next stop model post! Faster fasteeeerrr'
I said "HAAAAH?! Howwww?"
(Everyone was already posing. I kept on running away but the pulled me back in)
Then we took pictures of our sexy asses' and did some hardcore EMO pose, Which looks like drug addicts weiyh.

Btw, nisha was sooo gorgeous. But I'm not gay okay, even If I sound like it.
Navjit was so mad about this guy, omg, Ask her to shut up also cannot.

Overall It Was hella fun lah,

Saturday, September 27, 2008 @3:52 AM

Mooncake Festival. Sunday

Mooncake Fest. Saturday.

Friday, September 26, 2008 @11:10 PM

Yesterday was Friday,
and I haven't been updating a least bit.
So here it goes.

Woke up at 7.20 am,
Went for olahraga and hanged out with the boys, plus Brenda of course,
It's pretty silly how there aren't any other girls.
Wen't out to cc, I just watched, cause Imma' good girl. :)

They bullied me the whole way maaan', kena teased like anything.

and then we walked back to school. Got lectured by Shavin, saying Cc is a very bad place and I cannot go there cause i'll get influenced. Lol, what a joke.
and I went back home, sunburnt.

during school period, we practically didn't study at all.
Had sportcheck, and we fooled around doing shit, Navjit pulled my skirt up, and then I grabbed her leg and I sat on her and pinched her, MUAHAHAHHAHA. But she tickled me, that was my weakness, so I lost anyways. Dahlah Kavi was on her side so they both killed me.

After recess, I hang out with Darshaini mostly, DARN FUNNY weiyh. Especially in kh class I couldn;t stop laughing my head off.

It was raining but we went down for jaga padang anyways.
Suddenly Bryan came to us, he was soaking wet, and then we were like, LOL, what the hell happen to him aaaah.

But then Shahsfiny kena, and as I was talking to my friend, not realising anything, SOMEBODY splashed my face with water, so I screamt and stepped back,
And then Shahs poured water on my back, And I was left there sulking,
Vicky was happily aiming her water at me and
So, I took my water bottle and splashed Suraaaaaj!
Okay, that was a big mistake, He actually poured water on me many many times after that.

I had to borrow other people's water to get back at him.

Later on, Navjit was like "Awwww, Sandy I had so much fun!" we hugged. And then when I finally thought that was over, someone poured water on us and then some boys were like , "Sandy can I have a hug can I have a hug?"
Mocking me, pffsh.

It was darn funny lah, eventhough my bag got wet,
. Bt since it was the last day of school, Close one eye lah. :)

Hahahahaha. that's it.
I'm out.

Friday, September 19, 2008 @11:01 PM

Paramore- Hallelujah

Somehow everything's gonna fall right into place
If we only had a way to make it all fall
Fall faster everyday
If only time flew like a dove
We gotta make it fly faster than I'm falling in love

Saturday, September 13, 2008 @11:41 PM

I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you're dying to cry your heart out

Thursday, September 11, 2008 @3:34 AM

I just want to see you
When youre all alone
I just want to catch you if I can
I just want to be there
When the morning light explodes
On your face it radiates
I cant escape
I love you till the end

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 @7:59 PM

I love you Shahs, don't feel so friendless okay, even though we all know, the hardest part is letting go.

Don't feel friendless, just laugh along with us, we're all mad cows. :)

Yest, she was my running partner. We jogged along the field for eight rounds, but stopped a few times, and lied on the grass. Oh, note to self: never lie on the school field. The grass is damn itchy weiyh.
I scratch myself until my skin came off. Hahahahhaa.

We were so syuk sendiri, laughing so loud in class, ahahaha
"Where is my..boobs ?!" the expression on our face; Priceless.

"Call the police weiyh, make report!" Hahahahaha.
Darn funny la wei.

btw, the point is, I love you hun, don't be sad kay?

Sunday, September 7, 2008 @6:57 PM

To ting ting ting ting ting!
Eleh,so perasan. you think you very special meh? Hahahahha. yeah laa, true also ma.
Eeee, I still think you're gay because u talk and u walk very gay ma.
Hahah. :)

I'm glad you're happy eh, cheer up skinny chickenn!
Eat more, you're too skinny and weak,
I think if I sit on you, you'll break! Hahahaha.

Mwax. :)

@10:40 AM

I have nothing to say.

Let's walk away, again and again and again, shall we?

What is this bloody feeling that makes it so hard for me.

And where am I heading to? everyday it gets worse.
What am I doing? I've practically been running all along.

Oh god, I swear I'm going mad.

Friday, September 5, 2008 @3:37 AM

There are some people who never respected me, and it feels very insulting, especially when I never do anything at all,
People would blame everything on me, and sometimes, I'd question myself why do I keep on forgiving inconsiderate people.

Be it the old times, all I wanted to do was to end my misery.
and there was some part of me that planted hatred,
I can't help it, we're all humans. And even if I told myself to move on, there was still some part of me that kept me behind.

I never questioned myself again, after losing grip. I just went with the flow.
And I told myself never to look back again. Never to miss those bloody moments.
I said that.. but did I ever?

No, I still miss laughing, joking around, with those others.
I still miss the times when we went to the mamak stores nearby, had lunch, and the most important thing,- we talked.

I missed the times we walked to school, be late, and then canceled meetings just for our sake.
I miss those times we giggled and acted retarded, syuk-sendiri, and we'd be laughing in the end.
Yeah, those times were the times I never felt insecure, and alone.

Thursday, September 4, 2008 @8:21 AM

I ws beggining to talk like an indian in the library, and we were actually singing the telletubies song. Breaking down into laughters and then we teased each other until kau kau'

We didn't study, we ended up acting retarded and Navjit sang wrong lyrics to the telletubies sng.
It made Kavi mad. AHAHHAAHAHA.

When we tease Navjit abt her teeth, we asked her hw can she brush her teeth,
What kind of toothbrush she use/
Hw much did she pay for the special toothbrush.
And then we asked her hw many times she brush her teeth, she said "One year one time, only in Deepavali festival, "

When Navjit calls Kavi fatty. She'll reply " Why, you jealous because I'm fat izzit? Too bad lah, you can never be like me" Then she gave her that 'sombong look of hers.
Gosh, I found that sentence so freaking cute!

While Shahs asked Vicky and I to teman her to duty at tangga 7, there was a guy figure walking pass by, and that person hit my ass. At first I was damn shock lah, like, helloooo?
but then it was.. Aaron! :) my daddddyy!

He thought me hw to get buns of steel. Haha. It was a really retarded word because it sounds very very very retarded,

Then again, I'm really use to the whole butt-hitting thing, because my friends are real molesters.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 @5:26 AM

I was sitting in pokok cemerlang, as usual, we were talking, came to the topic abt trust,
we were hardly serious, so it was pretty weird for all of us.
To me, I've always avoided talking abt serious matters because it'll all come back to me again.

And thn, Navjit and I sat alone at the seats near the padang,
wait, we weren't dating okaaay, I wanted to talk to her, one on one, and then the rest came and joined us.

I screamed a lot, and did my indian accent i learn from mixing too much with them'
I said " Vat do you vant to eat?' as I showed them my drawing of fruits.
"Do you-h vant to eat apples? or oranges?"
Kavisha replied , "No-noh, I don't eat pa-perh fruits"
And then we joked around, pretty lame, but trust me, it gets lamer.

Sometimes we laugh for no reason, but that what makes us special. :)

And then Shavin was like "Ohmygod Sandy." I turned around and a bunch of guys were laughing at us.

My day was pretty simple, I pushed Navjit's bottle when she ws drinking, and the water came down splashing on her shirt, she took revenge on us, and Kavi and Nav started molesting me, ugh. I was helpless because I didn't realise they were planning some diabolical plan.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 @5:48 AM

Ohmygod. I was looking through Priya's profile when I came across this gay vid from the swimming party.

Well, guess who said "My underwear is wet agaaaaaain"? Hahahaha. so embarrassing.

@5:17 AM

I really need to change my perception of life.

Yeah, it's pretty sad hw things worked out differently.

But still, we all have to move on,

I feel so angry, so depressed at myself.

I remember when Hira's mom came to me and said

"If you don't get in the KL league next year, if i was yr father, I'd be very dissapointed in you"

And I got really upset at that statement.

What if I don't get in?

I even made a promise to my dad I'd work hard bt all I did was stop bowling, just to go fr surgery.

God, I remember two years ago I was state champion for KL.

Being in school magazines, yr own page, "A star is born" -was my title.

And yet now, I'm dragged low,

there were many good players my age. And in the "below 18" category I made it into top four this year.

*sigh. Effed up man.


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