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Monday, March 17, 2008 @9:17 AM


On 8 am, we went to Joey's house, planning to suprise her, Umm, Those who attended this ' Secret Party' was Brenda, Priya, Rissara, me, Joey and Ruth, and Kelsey of course! The rest couldn't come.. CAUSE OF LAME EXCUSES!

Sooo, it was really really fun, we went to Damansara Club after Kelsey came around 11 or 12, so we ate there, and ate and ate, then ME AND PRIYA, planned to push Joey in the pool.

So, we told others, and she found out, so when we were about to push her, she was like, ' WAIT WAIT! LET ME KELUARKAN MY STUFF FIRST, I GOT MY handphonee,,, my wallet...' So then we went on with the plan.

So she was screaming, cause slowly, we crowded her, and then closer, and then closer, BUT ( WE DIDNT RAPE HER). So someone grabbed her legs,and someone grabbed her hands, and the rest just watched.

In she went! HAHAHA. I don't have the pictures, but in the end, we ALL went with her, one by one was forced into the pool, but it was shallow, so my pants got wet, it felt uncomfortable, but it was DAMN FUN. EXTREMELY! I pulled my shirt up so it was perfectly dry! :) And I'm so proud of it!

The rest, got wet from head to toe!

We took maybe 2 hours or 1 and a half to dry up. The receptionist said 'KALAU NAK SATU TOWEL LAGI, kena bayar RM20 (but we've seen other people with more towels, FREE OF CHARGE) , Kena bayar RM10 untuk masuk POOL, Klau kena tangkap, HARUS BAYAR RM20 each!) OMGG...

(but we went in without swimsuits. KEKEKE. AND never kena tangkap! HAHA. SMELLY receptionist, they didn't dare to fine us.)

The receptionist was a pain in the ass. She was so unfair, just because we're kids, we only get one towel, that's how she take advantages, she refuse to give us more, so all of us had to share ONE TOWEL.

We went to the Sauna, but just for a while.

I don't have the pictures with me, as you can see, when we got back to Joey's home, I picked it up and the screen was pitch black! I was like, WHAT THE HECK?!?!??!! NO COLOUR?!?!?! my friends tried to on it, and as they took out the cover, something came out. So I was damn pissed, but it was just so stupid.

When I charged it, it didn't work, but luckily, the sim card worked fine, as well as the memory card! :) THANKGOD.

My dad sent my phone for repairing, but I was EMO-ing because of this, now I feel its kinda lame because my sister told me these things happen all the time. :)

So, the next posts shall have all my pictures uploaded to it! :)

It was a beautiful view, and Kelsey was so sweet, she bought me and Joey a handbag! But mine had a mini shoe key chain!! HAH! beat that JOEY! she loves me more! :)

I made Joey's present, and For my opinion, it's pretty okay for a 14 year old. :)

Joey's hamster. I forgot it's name, but its a male. I think..Some old memories, All stuck in my head.
My pencil... I scribbled out Razorblades, after hearing the song by Josiah Leming- Razorblades and Hand Grenades.
The camera Hates me. HAHAHA!
Meryl, Joey,and me!

Random picture. oh well.
OH YUMMY CHOCO BROWNIE! HAHA. We ate that for Secret Recipe. YUM! Me and Joey shared - cost- RM7.50

It's heavenly, like hot chocolate melting in your mouth, and the vanilla taste 10 times better with the choco! :)
Guess what's that ooey gooey crap?
Joey's BEAUTIFUL window.
Us, doing a weird pose. HAHA! Look at Brenda and Priya!
My shot of Joey, quite an accidental shot, but she looks cute. :)
Me and Joey, after a hot sweaty day of cards with MERYL.
My two BFF's. :) And My shirt says: I LOVE MY TWO BOYFRIENDS.
Random Picture, but I love it. :)
Me and Rissara, oh so cute!
Why does her hair look so LALA here?
Random picture. It kinda expresses the way I feel , ey?
Guess who's feet? Cute guys feet! :)
Me and Joey after a sweaty bath at the BB Concert! :)
My oh so cute boyfriends!

What are they? What is the meaning of their existence? Their smile, their laughter, their sorrows, their judgment on others, their joy, their own special abilities to make us stand out from the crowd.

My friends, who means a lot to me, are classified into two groups, but the most on top would be Joey and Rissara, as they mean the most to me, like precious gold, but even more.

THEY ARE MY TWO BOYFRIENDS. :) So, I'm not gay, but I am. HAHAHA.

But what are they? Why do they even exist?

They share our joy and laughter, they WILL CATCH our utter gayness and behavior, they might lie to you sometimes, but for the right reasons, they lend you shoulders to cry on, trying to cheer you up with all sorts of methods.

But they would talk some sense out of you, LET IT GO.

My friends are really special to me, But sometimes I feel as if our relationship goes apart, or maybe in wrong ways. We always try to repair our mistakes, no more flaws, for the better of our friendship.

I recognize them as a part of me, and when they're gone, it just, leaves a mark, and I've experience it one too many times! ARGH.

The point is, Joey and Rissara are always a good sport! And I'm SOO VERY comfortable with them, although sometimes we might misunderstood, but in the end, IT ALWAYS comes down to us! The three musketeers! Or something like that. HAHA.

I just hope that we would last, cause I'm still clinging onto them. :)

I need them.

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